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21st Century Machismo
A Workshop For Educators With José Madrid Beltran.

October 15th 10AM - 12PM

The training 21st Century Machismo is based on a popular education model. Popular education values the knowledge of the participants and the sharing of ideas with no judgment. The intent is to respectfully learn, reflect and grow as a group.

21st Century Machismo aims to redefine and repurpose masculinity within the Latine community. This is to promote a healthy development of masculine and feminine characteristics and to acknowledge the impact of toxic masculinity on Latine men and their mental health.


José (they, them, elle) has navigated topics on gender and sexuality since 2015. They began at Queer Intersections Portland and was acknowledged by Multnomah County’s Office of Community Involvement for their commitment and outstanding work for the queer community. In 2019, José graduated from Linfield College (now Linfield University) with a B.S. in Anthropology. For the remaining two years of their undergraduate degree, José extensively studied gender, sexuality and gender performance through anthropological and sociological lenses within the context of Latine culture. Their studies and lived experience guided them in their reflection of machismo, caballerismo, and marianismo.

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