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Mente Summit
2023 Scholarship Recipients

For every five associate and bachelor degrees awarded to the Latinx community, only two are awarded to Latinx males, and it is projected that if left ignored, this gap could more than double by the year 2040. The purpose of the MENTE Summit Scholarship is to encourage and provide Latinx student males the opportunity to further their academic and technical potential as they prepare to become future leaders. 

Jose Jeronimo PIC .jpeg

José Jerónimo

Jose Jeronimo is a first-generation student. He is attending the College of Engineering at Oregon State University. His academic goal is to complete a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. Pursuing a degree in chemical engineering will give him the knowledge to build machinery in order to provide clean water where it is not easily accessible. After college, he would like to give back to the community via mentorship for other Latinx males in engineering. He appreciates all the support he has received and continues to receive from his family.

Moises L. Pic.jpg

Moises Leal Zepeda

Moises Leal Zepeda is a 20 year old, first generation student as well as the oldest child in his family. He will be graduating from Chemeketa Community College in June, and will start attending Western Oregon University in Fall 2023, where he will obtain a Psychology degree as well as a Spanish interpreting license. Moises is a very social person who is always smiling, and he is very involved as a student leader on campus. He is very dedicated and focused on his goals. During his time at Chemeketa, Moises was a member of the TRIO program, as well as a peer mentor for the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). He is looking forward to giving back to his community as a bilingual counselor and medical interpreter.

Ernesto Leyva PIC .jpg

Ernesto Leyva

Ernesto Jesus Leyva is a first-generation college student and first-generation immigrant from Holguin, Cuba. He is currently deciding between majors Psychology and Children's Behavioral Health with a minor in Latinx Studies at the University of Oregon. He is a college freshman this year but since day one he has loved the environment that he is in alongside his professors and scholarly peers. Knowing that he has support from other Latinx males out there and from Mente gives him such great hope for the rest of his education. He looks forward to using all the skills he will learn in college to help not only his own Latinx community by targeting mental health, but also to help our BIPOC community as a whole.

Bryan Serrano PIC.jpg

Bryan Serrano

Bryan Serrano wants to make a big positive mark on the world in any way that he can. In college, he has chosen to pursue either an economics or political science degree so that he can help set laws, make life better, and fix a lot of the problems that are facing our country.

Juan Trujillo pic .jpeg

Juan Trujillo

Juan Trujillo is a first-generation college student from Ontario, OR. He is a third-year student at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID earning his B.S. in Fire Ecology & Management. Juan plans to attend graduate school at the University of Idaho to earn his M.S. in Natural Resources with a focus on Fire Ecology. In the summer, he is a seasonal wildland firefighter for the United States Forest Service. His career goals include being a prescribed fire specialist for the U.S. Forest Service.

Jose Vasquez Maya Pic.jpg

José Vásquez Maya

Jose Vasquez Maya is an 18-year old first generation college Latino student who is a proud undocumented immigrant coming from a hard working family. He will be attending Western Oregon University in the fall of 2023 where he will pursue his dream career in becoming a certified court interpreter for Latino/Spanish speaking families who struggle with communication in English here in the US. What pushes him into becoming a certified court interpreter is the fact he has been interpreting for his parents everywhere ever since the 3rd grade when he had successfully passed the English Learning Development (ELD) class program, this huge responsibility of his has made him seen the struggles of being a non-English speaker here in the US and the need of Spanish speaking interpreters needed in his community.

Oscar Juarez PIC .jpeg

Óscar Juárez

Oscar Juarez is a senior at Hood River Valley High School. He is a first-generation Mexican-American student and will also be a first-generation college student. He is the oldest of 2. He likes to play soccer, draw, and play video games. His goal after high school is to continue his education and achieve a bachelor's degree or higher. He is determined to attend Oregon State University to major in either Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering. In the future he hopes to help his community and contribute to new innovative projects, whether that be buildings or machines. He is a hands-on type of guy and enjoys being creative and thinking outside of the box. He is grateful to be part of the MENTE program and because of them, he is one step closer to achieving his goal.

Romero Garibay.Juan.jpg

Juan Romero Garibay

Juan Romero is a senior at Douglas Mckay High School in Salem, Oregon. He is a First generation Mexican American and first-generation college student. He will be attending Oregon State University in fall of 2023 with a major in animal science in order to achieve his goal of becoming a veterinarian. As the oldest child in his family his goal is to set an example for his younger brother in order for him to see that it is possible. Juan enjoys giving back to the community by cooking, he often helps out with catering events for his school or even outside of it. He wants to give thanks to his family for being supportive of him through thick and thin. He looks forward to giving back towards the community and everyone who has helped him along the way.

Saul Ivan Flores Suarez PIC .JPG

Saúl I Flores Suárez

Ivan Flores is from Beaverton Oregon, a first generation college student who is currently attending Aloha High School as a senior. He’s taken a role at his school which is Senior Class President, it has been an opportunity for him to grow and better learn himself as a person. He plans to take his studies to Portland State University to study computer hardware engineering. He dreams of working at Apple or Intel as an engineer

Luke Smith PIC .JPG

Luke Smith

Luke Smith was born in Guatemala and is a proud American. He will be attending University of Portland in the Fall of 2023. He plans to pursue a degree in Business Marketing with an emphasis on Public Relations. His career goal is to use his voice and represent an organization, speaking on their behalf, as to their mission, brand and values. He recognizes the importance of others to see and hear a Latino face speaking on behalf of organizations. The more we can represent organizations and companies to the general public, the more barriers and stereotypes we can break down. Luke is heavily involved in the arts, plays trumpet and performs in theater. He plans to be an active member of the arts while in college.

Max Jaimes Estrada.jpg

Max Jaimes-Estrada

Max Jaimes-Estrada is a Senior at Culver High School. He is a First generation Mexican-American College student and will be attending the University of Oregon in the fall of 2023. Max will be double majoring in neuroscience/neurobiology and psychology. He is the youngest of 4 and will be the last of his siblings to attend
college. Max is excited to further his career in the healthcare field and continue to help others not only in his community but nationwide. He enjoys working with his peers and strives to help see those around him succeed. His goals in life are to work as a neuropsychologist and to create a non-profit organization that provides free
mental health services to low-income communities while also funding a scholarship fund that helps low-income students fund their healthcare journey.

Juan Cordova Pic.jpg

Juan Cordoba

Juan Diego Cordoba is a senior at North Medford High School. Cordoba has become a role model to the latino/x community and inspires others to reach their goals. He is the first in his family to explore the Engineering field. He plans to attend Oregon State University in the fall of 2023 and study to receive a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. He will be a first generation college student in his family. He will achieve his life purpose by helping those that also want a pathway in life.

Camilo Photo.jpg

Camilo Ríos

Camilo Ríos is currently a senior at South Medford High School, and plans on attending Rogue Community College in the fall. He is a first generation student that plans on studying engineering. He is proud of his Mexican roots and wants to show people that they are some of the most hardworking and intelligent people. He hopes to one day be able to use his engineering degree to help his community in many different ways, and wants to inspire other Latino students to pursue a higher education because he knows how important it can be.

Daniel Aguilar Lopez PIC .jpg

Daniel Aguilar López

Daniel Aguilar Lopez was raised in Newberg, Oregon, in a small duplex where his parents and older sister lived. His parents showed him firsthand, the hardships that come with a life without an education. Thanks to the sacrifices and encouragement his parents have provided him his whole life, it has inspired him to strive and succeed in school. Going to school was never a chore, but a place where he had the opportunity his parents dreamed of for their son. Daniel wants to use the knowledge and education he will gain in college to give back to the migrant
community and to help those who have been in similar situations as him. Daniel will graduate from Newberg High School in June. He plans to attend OSU, PCC, or Chemeketa Community College this fall.

Gabriel Lemus Photo.jpg

Gabriel Lemus

Gabriel Lemus is 17 and currently attends West Salem High School with plans to graduate with an honors diploma in June of 2023. He is the second of four children and son of Mexican immigrants who came to the United States looking for work opportunities. He admires his parents’ resilience, perseverance, and hard work. They have taught him that with dedication and a positive attitude, success can be achieved. Currently Gabriel is a section leader for the Choir of the Titans at West Salem High School. As CT bass lead he is a role model for younger students and encourages them by providing tips so they can improve. Aside from his family values, he is passionate about computers, music, and choir. He loves singing for an audience and enjoys learning about music theory. In the future, he plans to pursue a degree in computer science with a minor in music.

Jose H. Pic.jpg

José Hérnadez-Hérnandez

Jose Hernandez-Hernandez is 18 years old and currently a Senior attending Newport High School and is set to graduate in June. Both of his parents are from Veracruz, Mexico, but Jose was born in Newport, Oregon.Through his volunteering at his local library, he learned to use his voice to benefit his community by serving as a teen representative on the Newport Public Library Foundation Board. Jose plans to attend University of Portland while pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering.

PIC Julián Aguayo García.jpg

Julián Aguayo García

Julian Aguayo Garcia is a senior at Ridgeview High School in Redmond Oregon. He is a first generation college student and will attend the College of Design at the University of Oregon in the fall of 2023. His parents are originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, making him a first generation Mexican American. Julian will be studying for five years in order to receive his bachelors in architecture in hopes to find an in-state job in the future. Overall he is very excited for the future and appreciates everyone who has helped him get this far.

Arturo Trujillo B. PIC .jpg

Arturo Trujillo-Bedolla

Arturo Trujillo-Bedolla was born in Portland, Oregon, and has lived there for most of his life. He will be graduating from Franklin High School and then work towards obtaining his bachelor's degree at The University of Oregon. Arturo is someone who loves his community and has volunteered with organizations such as Hacienda who specialize in providing affordable housing for marginalized communities. He will be a part of the first
generation of kids in his family to attend college. He will pursue a career in the business world and from there continue to support his community in any way possible.

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 7.54.07 PM.png

Kenneth Rodríguez Ibarra

Kenneth Rodriguez Ibarra is a driven and ambitious student. Born in Uruapan, Michoacan, Kenneth moved to the United States with his family when he was young and has since made Oregon his home. Despite facing many challenges as an immigrant, Kenneth has remained focused on his education. Currently a senior at Liberty High School in Hillsboro, Kenneth looks forward to the next chapter of his academic journey. He is highly motivated to pursue a bachelor's degree in a field that will allow him to impact his community positively. With his strong work ethic and determination, Kenneth is confident that he will succeed in any academic program he chooses to pursue.

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 7.59.14 PM.png

​​Raúl Hernández-Ramírez

Raul Hernanadez-Ramirez is a first-generation student who aspires to be able to help those in his community and beyond. Going to Portland State University to study his undergrad in pharmacy so that he is able to go to the pharmacy school at Oregon State University. Wanting to be in the field of drug research and development, Raul has spent his last two years of high school taking courses at Portland Community College to prepare him for what is ahead. Music is a big part of Raul’s life ever since the beginning. He joined the band for a while in elementary then joined the Hillsboro School District mariachi band for 6 years. Although he will be graduating from the district, he looks forward to continuing his musical passion with the mariachi band of Portland State.

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