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latinx male summit



MENTE Summit Schedule


8-9:00 Registration 

9-9:30 Welcome

9:30-9:50 Keynote Speaker 

10-10:45 Workshop 1

Transition 10:45-11

11-11:45 Workshop 2

Transition 11:45-12 

12-1:00 Lunch Group A, Career Fair Group B

1-2:00 Lunch Group B, Career Fair Group A 

2-3:00 Closing

3-3:15 Dismissal – Load students back onto busses

compañeros in excellence
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The MENTE Summit is a one of a kind conference that brings together professionals, college, and high school Latinx men to address inequities and barriers facing Latino males. Participants will connect with community leaders and network to build momentum to encourage and support more Latinos to pursue their career.

Mente values the dignity and worth of all people; all race, ethnic, gender, sexual orientations, and religious identities are invited and welcome. We strive to create a conference where all participants are prepared to learn and to enjoy all conference activities.  In order to live up to our expectations, we ask students and educators to help adhere to the following values in order to ensure that everyone benefits from the MENTE Summit.


An important part of growth is the ability to listen as well as ask tough questions.  We invite all students to challenge their own assumptions and be open to learning concepts.


All successful people develop relationships with other successful people who can be of support for reaching their goals.  For many people, this is the first time they attend a conference composed entirely of Latinx men.  Bring your best self, have a positive attitude, introduce yourself to others, and network