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Mente Summit
2021 Scholarship Recipients

For every five associate and bachelor degrees awarded to the Latinx community, only two are awarded to Latinx males, and it is projected that if left ignored, this gap could more than double by the year 2040. The purpose of the MENTE Summit Scholarship is to encourage and provide Latinx student males the opportunity to further their academic and technical potential as they prepare to become future leaders. 2020 marks the first year the MENTE Summit awards eight $1000 scholarships to five high school students and three college students. 


Antonio Servín-González

Antonio Servín-González is a 22-year-old Queer, DACAmented, Latine Spanish major who is transferring to Portland State University after acquiring a sufficient number of credits and completing a Spanish For Heritage Speakers sequence. Antonio loves his community of Rockwood and wants to be a force of change. He believes that his ceiling should be the floor for the next generation. Antonio is pursuing a degree in Spanish with a dream to work in bilingual education to help strengthen the Spanish of fellow heritage speakers.


Carlos Martínez Rangel

Carlos Martínez Rangel (he/él) is a first-generation college student and first-generation immigrant from Mexico. He is a current third-year student at Western Oregon University and will begin the Teacher Licensure Program in the fall 2021. During his time at WOU, he has been part of MEChA, Multicultural Representatives Program, Latino Advisory Board, and more. Carlos wants to serve his community as a high school Spanish and English as a Second Language teacher. He is expecting to graduate from Western Oregon University in Spring 2022


Luis Quevedo

Luis Quevedo is a first-generation college student at the University of Oregon. He plans on graduating next Spring with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Operations and Business Analytics. He hopes to one day provide jobs in his related field and serve as a mentor to ambitious, lower-income, minority students pursuing a career in business. Luis wants to give thanks to his beautiful parents, his older brother, and his life partner; he would not be who he is today without the support of his family and hopes to repay his family through love and support.


Fabián Curiel García

Fabian grew up in Aumsville, Oregon, where he and his family worked in agriculture. After high school, he made a promise to himself and his family, that he would not return to the agricultural fields unless he came back with a college education. Working in the fields inspired him to pursue a degree in agriculture because he saw the need for bilingual and bicultural agronomists that understand agriculture and the farmworkers. Soon, he attended Chemeketa Community College where he obtained a degree in Electronics Engineering & Renewable Energy Management. He knew this would be the foundation to study agriculture, where a blend of engineering and agronomy would help bring a mix of skills to improve Oregon's ever-changing agriculture. Fabian is entering his senior year at Oregon State University, where he is studying Crop & Soil Science. His career goal is to become an agronomist to improve Oregon agriculture and improve farmworker rights.


Eric Garcia

Eric is a senior at Newberg High school in Newberg, Oregon. He is a First generation Mexican American and first-generation college student. He will attend Oregon State University in the fall of 2021 to study Computer Science and has an interest in Cyber Security. He is the youngest of 3 siblings who also attended Oregon State University. He is excited to be the first in his family to explore the STEM field. Eric enjoys working with his community to bring awareness to current local issues. Eric serves as a role model to younger peers at his local youth center. Eric looks forward to the opportunity to give back to his community in the future.

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Diego Ramirez

Diego Ramirez was born in Lebanon, Oregon, and grew up in Albany, Oregon his whole life. Diego will be graduating from South Albany High School and be pursuing a Bachelor's in Accounting and Business at Oregon State University. On top of that Diego will also be playing for the Oregon State Men's lacrosse team. His ending goal after college is to move to Bend and operate a restaurant.


David Tello Rendon

David is a first-generation Mexican-American student from Portland, Oregon. He participated in many extracurricular activities throughout his middle and high school grades that included Conexiones, Early Escalera, and College Possible. David is also passionate about collaborating with the Multnomah County Library in leading the Summer Reading Program that helps children in the community to improve their reading and social skills. Once he graduates from Centennial High School this June, David looks forward to working with his family before attending PCC or PSU.


Atom Chimane Rousseau Jiménez

Atom Rousseau was born in Costa Rica. After seventh grade, he was granted the opportunity to come further his education in the United States. The transition from an all-Spanish speaking school to a traditional American school was a huge challenge for him. By joining clubs and putting himself out there he was able to succeed. After joining IHS and pursuing the IB diploma he feels well prepared for college. He will graduate this June from South Eugene High School and later this fall plans to continue his education at Oregon State University to pursue his career in Aerospace Engineering.

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