Linfield College Campus Tour

Location: Meet at the Starbucks Fountain

Language: Bilingual

Tour Guide: Antonio Peña Anaya

As a small private liberal arts college, many students are unaware of what it has to offer. During the student-led campus tour, participants will be exposed to academic buildings, classrooms, science labs, athletics fields, and residence halls as well as see student life first-hand.


Location: TJ Day Hall 104

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Manuel Vazquez

In a country where presentation and confidence matter, basic knowledge around U.S. formal and business attire is important for young Latino men to confidently navigate. Learn key components of a business suit such as: learning to tie a tie knot, knowing/understanding your measurements, color combinations, and fitting. The presenter will provide a free tie to a limited number of participants.

Hip-Hop & Spoken Word:

A Guide to Self-Care

Location: TJ Day Hall 103

Language: English

Presenter: Miguel Rodriguez

This presentation will include personal narratives on the journeys to entering, and completing college degrees. Attendees will learn about the power of their own voice and hear perspectives of a Latino male in higher education. Attendees will be presented current and relevant research for the purpose of connecting how research and data tell the story of issues and trends that affect and have an effect on the Latinx community in regards to college and career readiness. Attendees will be provided information on scholarly networks, internships, and the critical need for Latinax representation.

Hispanic Wine: Vineyard Heritage in Oregon

Location: TJ Day Hall 102

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Miguel Lopez

Learn about the birth of our industry in the mid-1960s to today's modern winemaking and vineyard growth. See how the Hispanic hand has been involved from the start (we have always been here you just didn't know it) and the impact we made in the vineyards (from plotting sites to harvesting to bottling).  Also, see our growth into the winemaking side of things (we are not “simple people”); we are equals to our anglo peers and the path you carve today is the road you get to travel.

Hombres Milagrosos: Learning to Honor Your Story

Location: TJ Day Hall 108

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Greg Contreras

In this identity-focused workshop, students will learn to value their story and how it can be leveraged for college admission and scholarship applications, resumes, presentations, interviews, and other significant life moments.  Students will understand they are the author of their story, and the choices they make script their journey now and into the future.

Student Activism and

Ethnic Studies in Oregon

Location: TJ Day Hall 109

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Israel Pastrana & Arturo Estrella

We will discuss the origins of Ethnic Studies, its social and academic benefits, and the role students of color play by demanding an education that centers their histories and perspectives. Learn how Ethnic Studies can empower students and help them find their voice by foregrounding their experiences and highlighting the cultural and community wealth.


Location: TJ Day Hall 110

Language: English

Presenter, Rolando Cruz

A brand is not simply a logo – it is the emotional and psychological relationship you have with customers. Brands are born from experience, reputation and stories. You are in control of your brand at all times, if you aren’t branding yourself and owning your story, someone else is doing it for you.

Financial Wellness: What our Parents Didn't Teach Us About Money

Location: Walker Hall 302

Language: English

Presenter: Ivan Hurtado

Learn how money works as we examine the concepts of savings, debt, life insurance, and planning for the future. Financial wellness is key to setting you and your family up for future success.

How are we Defining Personal Success? How do you define your success?

Location: Walker Hall 220

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Arturo T. Vargas

Understanding goal setting can help us get closer to success while allowing us to continue to push ourselves beyond our goals. By measuring our personal goals, we build a path to success. By adjusting to unpredictable turns of life and needs, we create a coat of arms, knowledge, and skills that help us reach our goals.