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Apprenticeship: The Original Degree!  

Location: TJ Day Hall 103

Theme: Educational/Career Pathways

Presenter: Salvador Castañeda

Providing On-the-Job Training, Classroom Instruction, and an Associate’s Degree at Zero Cost to You!


Ayuda financiera para los alumnos de Oregon /Finding Funds for Oregon Students

Location: TJ Day Hall 104

Theme: Financial Literacy

Presenter: Lori Ellis & Osvaldo Avila

Thinking about how to pay for college after high school? During this session, we will provide resources on how to apply for funding for educational opportunities beyond high school. We‚ will also share information on how to apply for financial aid through the Federal Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) or the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA). You will learn about state and federal financial aid including grants and scholarships while highlighting financial resources for DREAMERS. Learn tips on how to Tell Your Story and create a competitive application. You will walk away knowing how to apply for funds to pay for college and the resources to navigate that path. 

Carlos Soriano

Latinos and Community Engagement

Location: TJ Day Hall 108

Theme: Networking/Building Connections

Presenter: Carlos Soriano

Latinos are one of the largest underrepresented populations in community boards and commissions in our country. This workshop will focus on how as Latinos we can get more involved in serving in our communities.

Miguel Rodriguez

Hip-Hop & Spoken Word: A guide to self-care

Location: TJ Day Hall 219

Theme: Identity Development

Presenters: Miguel Rodriguez

Hip-Hop provides individuals the ability to express themselves through lyrics and feel the rhythm. This workshop highlights the power of writing, music, and spoken word in promoting self-care and processing one's thoughts and emotions. 

What your parents didn't teach you about finances

Location: Walker Hall 311

Theme: Financial Literacy

Presenter: Ivan Hurtado

If the lottery was the way to get wealthy, millionaires would be paying people to go and stand in line for their ticket. The truth is the road to becoming wealthy isn't easy nor quick. To become wealthy it's not how much money you make in your lifetime but how much money you save and invest during your lifetime. In this session, we will unfold the concepts and habits the wealth learn and implement. These concepts will be easy to understand and no financial background is necessary to join us. I'm so excited to share what I wish I implemented when I was your age.

Augusto Orozco

Latinos in law enforcement

Location: Riley Hall 201

Theme: Educational/Career Pathways

Presenter: Augusto Orozco, Daniel Guzman, Alann Pinto, & Arnoldo Cornejo

This workshop sheds light on the realities of being a Latino in Law enforcement. Join us as we discuss our careers in detail and share what traits equip us to excel as deputies. Participants will have the opportunity to join in on scenarios and ask questions about this rewarding career.  

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Linfield College-Campus Tour

Location: In front of Starbucks

Presenter: Peer Leaders

There’s nothing like actually visiting to get a feel for what a place is really like! 


Bilingual Teacher Scholars: Latinx Leaders in Education Changing Classrooms and Changing the World

Location: TJ Day Hall 222

Theme: Educational/Career Pathways

Presenter: Maria Dantas-Whitney, Kristen L. Pratt, & Jessica Dougherty

Bilingual teacher candidates and professors from the Bilingual Teacher Scholars program at Western Oregon University will share their experiences and perspectives on the positive impact of bilingual teachers. Best practices for serving emergent bilingual learners and their families will be discussed, such as creating a culturally-relevant school climate; principles of effective teaching and learning; family and community partnerships; and the need for advocacy.


First Generation Everything: Navigating College and Beyond for LatinX Men 

Location: Walker Hall 220

Theme: Identity Development

Presenter: Dr. Mark Figueroa

We will be exploring what it means to be a first-generation college student, the systemic roadblocks in place, and how to navigate those spaces with helpful tips, self-exploration, and remaining authentic to self. We will explore the Latinx pipeline, go in-depth about the different types of colleges, and what needs to start now to prepare for those next steps by using the cultural wealth and resilience our students bring to the table.

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