Linfield College Campus Tour

Location: Meet at the Starbucks Fountain

Language: Bilingual

Tour Guide: Antonio Peña Anaya

As a small private liberal arts college, many students are unaware of what it has to offer. During the student-led campus tour, participants will be exposed to academic buildings, classrooms, science labs, athletics fields, and residence halls as well as see student life first-hand.

No Llores Mijo

Location: TJ Day Hall 104

Language: English

Presenter: Alex Díaz Rios

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one out of five students live with a mental health condition, but less than half of these individuals receive needed services. This workshop focuses on explaining mental health - and its effects in society – and how to reach personal, academic and leadership goals.

Hip-Hop & Spoken Word:

A Guide to Self-Care

Location: TJ Day Hall 103

Language: English

Presenter: Miguel Rodriguez

Hip-Hop provides individuals the ability to express themselves through lyrics and feel the rhythm. This workshop highlights the power of writing, music, and spoken word in promoting self-care and processing one's thoughts and emotions. 

Mesoamerican Culture

Location: TJ Day Hall 102

Language: Bilingual

Presenters: Huehca Omeyocan Cultural Movement Eduardo Cruz & Maria Cortes

Huehca Omeyocan is group dedicated to promoting cultural practices of Mesoamerican people primarily focused on Prehispanic (Aztec Chichimeca) dance, music, and art culture education. Our goal is to help people reclaim their identity (native identity) and history by learning from our ancestors and raising awareness in the community.

Finding Your Right Fit Career Path

Location: TJ Day Hall 108

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Deven Paolo

Finding right-fit career paths can be difficult. This workshop is designed to give participants tools to better identify options that will work for them and map out a better network of pathways to success. 

Student Activism and

Ethnic Studies in Oregon

Location: TJ Day Hall 109

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Israel Pastrana & Arturo Estrella

We will discuss the origins of Ethnic Studies, its social and academic benefits, and the role students of color play by demanding an education that centers their histories and perspectives. Learn how Ethnic Studies can empower students and help them find their voice by foregrounding their experiences and highlighting the cultural and community wealth.

Introduction to Law Enforcement

Location: TJ Day Hall 219

Language: English

Presenter: Augusto Orozco

Law enforcement is not a career some of us think of joining. This session provides an overview about the career and most importantly the positive contribution we make to this field. Public service, public trust, protecting vulnerable victims and putting bad guys in jail is at the core of why we need more Latinos in this career.

Derribando Fronteras: Tools For The Latinx Community To Secure a Living Wage Career In Construction

Location: TJ Day Hall 110

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Sal Castañeda Jr.

The economy has bounced back from the recession, and the construction industry has played a significant role in that growth.  The population of the United States has increased in diversity as well.  Unfortunately, a more diverse population has not equated to a diversified construction workforce, with age-old traditions limiting communities of color the access to living wage careers with full benefits and a retirement pension.  This workshop will identify the barriers faced by the Latinx community and discuss methods to overcome them.

Challenge of Pondering the Past, Seeing the Present with Renewed Vision, and Committing to the Future Now

Location: Walker Hall 302

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Dr. Leo Rasca Hidalgo, Joel Gisbert, Sonny Lerma

For the majority of young Latino males, the journey through adolescence and emerging young adulthood is a landscape and borderlands of varying mind-sets and perspectives at variance to Raza ways of knowing. The intent is to wake up participants to the cultural roots of the heart and soul of our ancestors. As well as reflect amongst each other on the richness of our Chicano Heritage and the future we will create.

Machismo, Love, and Social Norms

Location: TJ Day Hall 222

Language: Bilingual

Presenter: Eleazar Olayo

Explore the different ways that we as men can show love, emotion and affection to others. This reflective workshop allows men to critically think about themselves and their identity. Learn how personal experiences shape us into who we are, how we think, how to act and behave.